Our client
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, CT

We have been producing live streams for the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra since late 2016. Their concerts are streamed live on bergenphilive.no, in addition to several productions being shown on NRK Hovedscenen, among other places.

We have also produced the on-air graphics package for the live broadcasts, as well as a number of videos such as interviews with musicians and visitors, social media snippets, etc.


The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra has over 100 musicians and is led by chief conductor Edward Gardner. The orchestra is based in Grieghallen in Bergen.

Close up - at a distance

In mid-March 2020, it became difficult to carry out normal concert activity in Grieghallen due to the special times. That's why BPO decided to broadcast even more concerts digitally, so that the audience could still see and hear the orchestra. Close up - at a distance featured 8 concerts in 8 weeks.

Interview production

We have produced several interviews for BPO, including interviews with musicians, administration and visitors. The interviews are used both as intermissions in the concerts that are broadcast live on bergenphilive.no, and as individual interviews in social media.

The ambition of BFUng is to be a flagship among youth symphony orchestras in Norway. We have produced both concerts and commissioned films for the youth orchestra.

Sjur Pollen shot and edited the film you see here.

The planning process of a camera production for a symphony orchestra is often time-consuming, which is why we developed KolibriScript. This is a system that allows us to automate much of the process regarding camera placements, shot lists and camera cards so that we spend time on the creative process instead of the paperwork.

A selected production

Hector Berlioz - Grande Messe Des Morts

Mass for the dead

We produced a multi-camera production of Berlioz - Grande Messe des Morts in Grieghallen for Bright Norway. The concert was held as the opening concert during the Bergen International Festival. Excerpts of the concert were broadcast on Hovedscenen on NRK.

Hector Berlioz

Hector Berlioz went to great lengths to write his mass in memory of France's fallen during the 1830 revolution. The composer increased the number of timpanists from one to ten, and added four groups of brass instruments placed around the room. The work requires three choirs and several amplified instrumental groups, and with enormous orchestral forces it pushes the boundaries of both requiem and church music.

12 camera

The production was carried out with a total of 12 cameras, of which 8 were remotely controlled and 4 were manned. Each camera placement was carefully planned in advance as part of the scripting.


Every single camera shot in the production is planned down to the last note. During the concert, over 600 cuts are made to one of the 12 cameras in the hall. See the before/after planning of camera shots in the score by dragging the slider on the image to the right/left.

Enormous forces

Conductor Edward Gardner led enormous forces during the concert, including the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag, musicians from the Bergen Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Bergen Philharmonic Choir, Edvard Grieg Choir, Collegiûm Mûsicûm Choir, Royal Northern College of Music Choir, choirmaster Håkon Matti Skrede and tenor Bror Magnus Tødenes.

Excerpts of the concert were broadcast on Hovedscenen on NRK.