Our client

- Visuals for dance performance
- Event movie
- Event photo

We produced visuals for the dance show during the official opening of Media City Bergen. In addition, we took event photos and produced event film.

Event film

We produced the event film of the official opening of the MCB. The film was to summarize the day and try to capture some of the memories created in the new building.

Event photo

We also took event photos from the official opening of the MCB. The photos were published the day after the event.

Media City Bergen

In 2013, the initiators NRK, TV2, BA, BT, UiB and Vizrt agreed to co-locate the companies and establish Media City Bergen. In 2017, the tenants signed for the takeover of the building. The 6 initiators were to be highlighted in the graphics of the dance performance.


We gathered information early on about the display surface, resolution, physical sizes, etc for the dance performance. That way we always knew what we were working towards. In this case, the final product was shown on a 9x3m LED screen.


Since the dance performance was to be shown as part of the official opening of Media City Bergen, it was decided that the visuals should have strong references to the building itself. We therefore started the concept development by collecting references of the building.

The brand guideline of MCB laid the foundation for the color scheme of the show.

References from the MCB

After studying a large amount of references from the building, we selected certain elements to be visualized. For example, the shapes in the ceiling were used as part of the graphics.


In the foyer of the MCB you will find info screens with a special pattern of different simple shapes. These were included as one of the backgrounds in the show.


The graphics were tailored to the dance show and we integrated several elements from the building itself and the philosophy of MCB into the show. In this scene, you can see the iconic octagon shapes, as well as the columns and lights on the ceiling.


The interactive installation "Eiris" stands right at the main entrance of the MCB and became the starting point for one of the scenes in the dance performance. Parts of the artwork were imitated and reproduced in 3D, so we had full flexibility over how the graphics would take shape.


The idea of MCB is to bring several parties together under one roof, to interact and create something across. The aim of the dance performance was to capture this essence, which is how the performance was named Emerge, as an image of something that emerges and is created together.


Part of the artwork at the main entrance was integrated as part of the show. The cube inside the artwork was set up in 3D and UV mapped, allowing us to embed logos and use them as texture.

Huge amounts of
of location data

For this project, we didn't have the option of live tracking of the dancer to generate video graphics during the show (with e.g. BlackTrax/Notch), and so we had to pre-produce all the graphics in advance, relying on the dancer to hit the mark when it really mattered.

We manually tracked 17 points through 8 scenes. We considered different mocap suits (e.g. Rococo) to automate the process, but wouldn't have been able to get them tested and implemented in the workflow fast enough before the show.

Lisa Colette Bysheim

All credit to Lisa who did a tremendous job and hit all the important spots for the visuals. Without a steady dancer, there wouldn't have been much of a dance show.

Written and produced by Mads Solberg, Emerge 's music is called Drânkz.

Many thanks to Possibility for the job!