Our client

We provided the director and producer for the concert film Enslaved - The Otherworldly Big Band Experience.

The delivery consisted of pre-production (concept development, scripting, filming, 2D/3D visuals), production (video director, vision mixing, script and Trinity operator), and post-production (editing and graphics). In addition, we produced both video and still images as part of the social media promotional material in the weeks leading up to the launch.

Camerat provided visuals for one of the songs in the concert and grading was done by Christoffer Møgster(Mox Media).

The Otherworldly Big Band Experience


For the occasion, Enslaved brought in support from the band Shaman Elephant, and with a total of 9 band members, the Enslaved Big Band was born.

Site visit

Early in the process, we did an on-site inspection with both the band and the technical supplier, so that we could identify needs and opportunities as early as possible.

Concept sketches and mood boards

We developed concept sketches and mood boards for each song in the concert film. Pinterest is a great tool for creating moodboards.

After all the songs were locked in design and style direction, the concepts were further developed into full-fledged songs that each had their own dramaturgy, as well as a coherent story from the first to the last note in the concert film.

Stage design

The first sketch for the stage design was made by Arild Gertz at Bergen Backline, and became the basis for the final design. Lighting designer Daniel Sørensen in LitByUs made concept sketches and technical drawings, and we 3D printed the entire stage as a miniature, so we could easily visualize both camera placements and angles.

The whole concert was scripted from the first to the last note, and all camera shots were planned in advance. We have previously developed KolibriScript, a separate software for Adobe Premiere Pro that makes the whole process of scripting more efficient, and we can easily generate shot lists and camera cards for different needs.


Marius Marthinussen Søreide (director) in conversation with Kristian Vaage (photographer)

Ruun II - The Epitaph

The first song in the concert film was to have a mix of pre-produced shadows as graphics, and real shadows from lights in the room. The goal was that the shadows we created would match the shadows from the recording so closely that you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

Marius Marthinussen Søreide (director) instructs performer Lisa Bysheim during the production of visuals for the song Bounded by Allegiance.

Bounded by Allegiance

We researched and tested wood carvings so that we could model and texture the carvings as realistically as possible.

Early sketch

Finished design

The design behind the band

The production is filmed with 4 Arri Alexa LF. M12 supplied the cameras.

Social media

In the weeks leading up to the launch of the concert film, we produced teasers and stills for social media. Below you can see some excerpts.

The whole clip was made in Adobe Premiere Pro. Here is the timeline for the song Caravans to the Outer Worlds.

Color correction and grading was done by Christoffer Møgster(Mox Media)


Harald Fossberg interviewed all the members of Enslaved throughout the concert film. For the extra observant viewer, the rehearsal room was filled with old memories, references and easter eggs.

Many thanks to Enslaved for the collaboration